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Ingersoll Rand T480 Barring Motor


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Ingersoll Rand T480 Barring Motors @ 90 psig air operation produces more than 300 ft-lb of torque. For diesel engines with displacements up to 500 liters and gas engines up to 1000 liters. Integral disc brake is always engaged when motor is not in operation to ensure safer, easier engine adjustments.

Ingersoll Rand Barring Motor-T480PVRP-03

Ingersoll Rand Barring Motor-T480PVRP-03-31P

Ingersoll Rand Barring Motor-T480PVRP-03-51P

Ingersoll Rand Barring Motor-T480PVRP-03-613P

Ingersoll Rand Barring Motor-T480PVRP-03-83P

Ingersoll Rand Barring Motor-T480PVRP-03-91P

Ingersoll Rand Barring Motor-T480PVRP-03-942P

Ingersoll Rand Barring Motor-T480PVRP-03-P

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