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Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starters


PRQ-HS Series

The PRQ HS series has been designed for the oil and gas service industry.

  • Gear type hydraulic motors.
  • Sold with or without hydraulic motors.
  • Heavy-duty friction clutch, inertial starter drives.
  • Sizes to fit most popular engines

HS-223/360 Gear Type Hydraulic Starters

Friction Clutch Inertia Drives
These starters are adapted from PRQ’s 23/24 and 60/61 series air starters.They can be purchased with or without motors. Both use friciton clutch starter drives.

6-HS-223  RHI Hydraulic  Starter
6-HS-223  RH2-1 Hydraulic  Starter
6-HS-223  RHI LM Hydraulic Starter-Less Motor
6-HS-223  RH2-1 LM Hydraulic  Starter-Less  Motor
6-HS-360  RHI Hydraulic  Starter  (Side  or Rear Port)
6-HS-360  RHI LM Hydraulic  Starter-Less  Motor
6-10-603 Smart-R-Valve  – HS-223  Series Soft Engage  Valve
6-10-601 Smart-R-Valve  – HS-360  Series Soft Engage  Valve

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