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Trust Air Starters

Trust-Air-Starter-lgTrust Air Starters

“The name TRUST says it all”

Trust starters are designed specifically for the large, 
slow speed engines.

Nothing else compares
Competitive starters are not equal to a Trust starter on a one-to-one basis. Each Trust starting motor generates over 700 ft. lbs. of starting torque.

Air Efficient
When compared to equal torque and horsepower, Trust requires less starting air than any replacement starters.

Because of its extended useful life, the Trust starter delivers a low cost of ownership.*

Old-world craftsmanship
Trust starters are built-to-order by hand to maintain strict manufacturer’s specifications. Each starter is bench tested and run before shipment.


M4012GB Air Starter

Trust's M4012GB generates over twice the breakaway torque of the largest competitive starting motor. The M4012GB's single mounting and single manifold result in lower installation and maintenance costs.

 M4012GB Cutaway

 M4012GB Spec Sheet

 M4012GB Service Manual

Trust Performance Curve

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