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Ingersoll Rand Select Series Air Motor


Air Motors – Direct drive multi vane air motors,available at Strumco Air Starter 0.33 hp to 4.8 hp with speed adjustability through air controls.


  • Lube Free airline operation for most applications.
  • Will not burn out: Air motors can be stalled or overloaded for long periods without damage.
  • Great for harsh environments: No heat build up or sparks make air motors ideal for use in flammable or explosive applications.
  • Instantly reversible.
  • Compact and portable: Get maximum horsepower in minimum size.
  • Variable speed: You may utilize a wide range of speeds by using a simple valve on your input air supply line.
  • Minimum maintenance: Our motors available at Strumco Air Starter have a proven history of long, low maintenance life. All you need to provide is a clean air supply.
  • No shock starts: Air cushioned start-up cuts stress to your equipment.
  • Do not see what you need, want help with your selection: Call us with your requirements. We have hundreds of motors from which we can select. IN many cases, we can provided ”special” non-cataloged motors for unique applications.
    Call our technical support group at Strumco Air Starter 780.468.0050.
  • Mounting options: NEMA flange, face, and foot mount.
Model Max Power hp Speed at Max. Power (rpm) Starting Torque lb.-ft. Stall Torque (ft.-lb.) Weight (lb)
SM1AM 0.33 7600 0.29 0.38 1.5
SM1UP 0.60 6000 0.45 0.6 1.75
SM2AM 0.88 3000 1.7 2.3 7.5
SM4AM 1.5 3000 2.6 4.1 8.25
SM6AM 3.6 3000 5.3 8.7 16.25
SM8AM 4.8 2500 10 14 22.5

Strumco Air Starter
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