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Air Starter Exchange



Strumco Air Starter offers the industry’s most extensive air & gas starter exchange program. Starters of all makes and models are readily available for immediate shipment at industry competitive prices.

How it works

  • Customer contacts Strumco Air Starter 780.468.0050 with a starter model number.
  • Strumco Air Starter ships out a remanufactured starter, (usually the same day).
  • Strumco Air Starter bills the customer for the exchange starter and for the value of the core.*
  • When the customer returns a good core, their account is credited for the value of the core charge.**

All Strumco Air Starter starters are remanufactured under strict standards. Only components that pass OEM standards are re-certified and re-used. Each starter receives new bearings, seals, gaskets, lubrication and components that cannot be re-certified. Each starter carries a generous warranty.

* Payment terms are extended to customers who meet Strumco Air Starter credit standards.

** Core charge backs can be incurred when returned cores are missing key components or have been damaged beyond standards of normal usage

Starter Repair Program


Strumco Air Starter offers customers the option to repair their starter instead of exchanging the unit.

How it works.

1. The customer sends their starter to Strumco Air Starter for a thorough inspection by a Strumco Air Starter Certified Technician.

2. A Strumco Air Starter Customer Service Representative will contact the customer with a price quotation and repair schedule before any repairs proceed.

3. With the customer’s approval repairs are completed and the unit is returned. (usually the same day)

4. Call Strumco Air Starter at 780.468.0050

Starter Core Bank



Customers who wish, can maintain a core bank with Strumco Air Starter
to add to their convenience and savings when administering their exchange program.

Strumco Air Starter
Ph:  780.468.0050