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The TurboPart™ line is the latest in a string of new products that Strumco Air Starter has released over the past few years specifically designed to lower the cost of rebuilding all makes of air starters without jeopardizing starter performance or life.  TurboPart gives customers a powerful new choice when it comes to quality high-performance turbine starter parts.

Demand REAL QUALITY… Demand TurboParts from Strumco turbine_part

TurboPart Overhaul Kits

Strumco Air Starter overhaul kits include only the finest quality precision parts, seals, bearings, gaskets and O-rings. Turbine air starters require an accurate balance of components with precise specifications functioning together to deliver high performance.

Starter Series T100B T100V T100F T30P T30I
Sample Starter No. T112-60001-B1R T121-60031-01R T106-60006-F3R  T306-60015-01R  T306-60017-01R
Overhaul Kit No. AS1-T10B-28742 AS1-T10V-28744 AS1-T10F-28744 AS1-T30-27622-001 AS1-T30I-27624-001

 Overhaul Kit Features

• Complete kit includes comprehensive factory specified items.
• Precision bearings, O-rings, seals, spacers and other critical parts.
• Factory brand specific bearings and critical hi-temp grease.
• Highest quality alloys in precision parts.
• Made in America

TurboPart Components

TurboPart replacement components from Strumco Air Starter are manufactured to the highest quality and precision standards. Turbine air starters require an accurate balance of components with precise specifications functioning together to deliver high performance.

That’s why StrumcoAir Starter TurboPart replacement components are perfect when it comes to restoring your turbine starter to like new running condition.

Starter Series T100B T100V T100F T100P T100D
Sample Starter No. T112-60001-B1R T121-60031-01R T106-60006-F3R  T109-60013-P1R  T112-60004-D6L
Nozzle Stage 2 AS1-2-26718-12R AS1-2-26718-21R AS1-2-26718-06R AS1-2-26718-09R AS1-2-26718-12R
Containment Housing          
Stage 1 Rotor AS1-26603 AS1-26603 AS1-26603 AS1-26603 AS1-26603
Stage 2 Rotor AS1-26604 AS1-26604 AS1-26604 AS1-26604 AS1-26604
Turbine Shaft 7.5:1 AS1-2-26554        
Turbine Shaft 9:1    AS1-2-27238      
Pinion 12T Bi-Dir Kit   AS1-T10V-28167      
Drive Inertia AS1-18828   AS1-22147    
Drive Housing AS1-1-18822        

TurboPart Features

Precision weight and balance for high velocity performance.
• Engineered to critical specifications.
• Manufactured from the highest quality grade of aluminum alloys.
• State-of-the-art CNC machined.
• Made in America.


ASC Turbine Starter Part Numbers & Descriptions
 Turbine Nozzle NOZZLES
 Stage 1 Turbine Rotor STAGE 1 ROTOR 
 Stage 2 Turbine Rotor STAGE 2 ROTOR
 Drives (AS1) DRIVES 
1-18828, 1-19083, 2-22147,
2-20927, 2-22148, 2-22795,
 Drive Pinion Bi-Directional DRIVE PINION KIT

ASC Turbine Starter Parts List 

1-18822 Drive Housing
1-19441 Planet Gear
2-26554 Turbine Shaft
2-27238 Turbine Shaft
2-27333-00L Nozzle 2 LH
2-27333-00R Nozzle Ring
2-27726 Bearing
2-27825-00L Nozzle 2 Containment
2-27825-00R Nozzle 2 Containment
2-27870 Ring Gear
2-28178 Spacer, Pinion
2P-20156-006 Carrier Shaft, Assembly
2P-20182 Shaft
3P-20858-006 Shaft
9-92001-006 Retaining Ring
9-93091-001 Bearing
AS1-1-18828 Drive , Inertia, RH, 12T
AS1-1-19083 Drive, Inertia, LH, 12T
AS1-11A-37516-008 Screw
AS1-11F-25020-028 Screw
AS1-11F-25020-36 Screw
AS1-1-11F-25020-064 Screw
AS1-1-11F-25020-072 Screw
AS1-11F-31218-024 Screw
AS1-14F-19024-008 Screw
AS1-14F-25020-016 Screw
AS1-14F-25028-012 Screw
AS1-14F-31218-016 Screw
AS1-1-9-91254 Bearing
AS1-1-9-91351 Bearing
AS1-2-20927 Drive, Inertia, RH, Small 12T
AS1-2-22084 Lip Seal
AS1-2-22147 Drive, Inertia, RH, 11T
AS1-2-22148 Drive, Inertia, LH, 11T
AS1-2-22795 Drive, Inertia, RH, 12T Long Mesh
AS1-2-22954 Drive, RH, 6/8P, 11T
AS1-2-22955 Drive, RH, 8/10P. 12T
AS1-2-22956 Drive, LH, 6/8P, 11T
AS1-2-25482 Drive, RH, 6/8P, 11T, Short Shaft
AS1-2-26603 Turbine Rotor, Stage 1
AS1-2-26604 Turbine Rotor Stage 2
AS1-2-26718-12L Nozzle, LH, 12 NOZ, Stage 1
AS1-2-26718-12R Nozzle, RH, 12 NOZ, Stage 1
AS1-2-26718-21L Nozzle, LH, 21 NOZ, Stage 1
AS1-2-26718-21R Nozzle, RH, 21 NOZ, Stage 1
AS1-2-26719 Lip Seal
AS1-2-28167 USE AS1-T10V-28167
AS1-71F-50020-016 Screw
AS1-9-90001-027 O-Ring, Piston
AS1-9-90001-034 O-Ring
AS1-9-90001-037 O-Ring
AS1-9-90001-050 O-Ring
AS1-9-90001-158 O-Ring
AS1-9-90001-327 O-Ring, Piston
AS1-9-90211-006 Woodruff Key
AS1-9-90211-009 Woodruff Key
AS1-9-90211-019 Woodruff Key
AS1-9-90439 Wave Spring Washer
AS1-9-91003 Bearing
AS1-9-91004-001 Bearing
AS1-9-91005 Bearing
AS1-9-91224 Bearing
AS1-9-91409 Bearing, Needle
AS1-9-91431 Bearing
AS1-9-91434 Bearing
AS1-9-91435 Bearing, Needle
AS1-9-92107-015 Locknut
AS1-9-93004 Washer
AS1-9-93047 Washer
AS1-93083-001 Seal Spacer
AS1-9-93091-005 Spacer, Bearing
AS1-9-93120 Washer, Thrust
AS1-9-93124 Washer, Pinion
AS1-9-93143 Spacer
AS1-9-94121 Grease
AS1-T10B-28742 Overhaul Kit
AS1-T10B-TK2 Minor Repair Kit
AS1-T10V-28167 Pinion, Bi-Directional, 12T With Bolt & Washer
AS1-T10V-28574 Overhaul Kit
AS1-T10V-TK2 Minor Repair Kit
AS1-T30I-27624-001 Overhaul Kit
AS1-T30P-27622-001 Overhaul Kit

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