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Kocsis Hydraulic Starter Packages Kocsis-Logo


Kocsis Technologies, Inc. is the World Leading Manufacturer of Hydrotor® Hydraulic Starters & Hydraulic Starting Systems.

For over 20 years, Kocsis Technologies, Inc. has provided our customers with the highest quality Hydraulic Starters and Hydraulic Starting Systems now available at Strumco Air Starter at a fair price and in a reasonable amount of time. We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive hydraulic starting product line, a strong dedication to product quality, outstanding customer service and a commitment to on-time deliveries. Our engineering and technical sales staffs at  Kocsis are continually working with customers to provide specific starting solutions for different applications.

Currently, our hydraulic starters available at Strumco Air Starter are used all over the world in numerous industries where reliable starting is required. For example, the marine, oil and gas, power generation, and mining industries frequently use hydraulic starting both as primary starting systems and/or auxiliary emergency starting systems for various engine applications.


  • A hydraulic starter package will turn the engine faster than an air or electric starter
  • Capable of starting without external power, " Black Start " capability
  • Starting is always possible anywhere, anytime
  • Each system incorporates a hand pump / foot pump for unlimited manual recharging
  • At -40°C / -40°F the hydraulic starter has the same torque as at normal temperature
  • Engine driven recharge pumps recharges the system for the next start
  • Soft Start drive engagement for reduced mechanical stress
  • Fully packaged for system integrity and ease of installation
  • Internally lubricated, for longevity resulting in a long life and superior reliability in harsh environments.
  • Complete with oil reservoir, filler breather and sight glass
  • 23MPa (3300 psi) Relief valve integrated into tank
  • Supplied with 1.8m (6ft.) hoses. Other lengths available on request
  • Available with unlimited accumulators to determine start times


  • Components will be mounted on a steel tube frame housing the Accumulator
  • If requested package can be designed to accept an additional accumulator 
  • Reservoir
  • High and Low Pressure Filters
  • Block Valve
  • Hand Pump
  • System Pressure Gauge
  •  Cable Pull Start
  • Package will come complete with high pressure and low pressure hoses
  • complete with appropriate fittings, to connect the starter and engine pump
  • On Request connections can be made available for charging the system with an optional remote power unit.

Training / Maintenance and Parts Manuals / Drawings

  • Training can be made available to site personel
  • Two copies of all parts and maintenance manuals will be provided
  • As built drawings provided at additional cost

Features/Advantages of Kocsis Technologies, Inc.
Hydraulic Starters and Hydraulic Starting Systems

  • Internally lubricated, for longevity resulting in a long life and superior reliability in harsh environments.
  • Hand pump option allows for unlimited available starting attempts.
  • Elimination of electrical connections and the availability of beryllium copper gears results in spark-proof starting.
  • Modular design allows for product flexibility.
  • Instant torque availability provides effective cold-weather starting.
  • By cranking faster at a higher torque, hydraulic starting provides faster starting.
  • Hydraulic design permits incorporation into existing hydraulic systems.
  • 100% of all hydraulic assemblies are tested to insure the highest quality.
  • Product support available from Kocsis engineers.


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